Random Round Up: General Loveliness

Whew, I think wedding season has officially come to a close for our household after this past weekend. But a lovely closure it was with an outdoor farm/garden evening in room-temperature weather. Mix that in with some new clothes that actually fit, and I had myself a pretty nice lil' two days off.
I can never get enough of this face.
Nate drug me to the mall for maternity clothes: What a difference!
I was so hesitant but am now SO happy... And could open my own franchise after the
buy one, get one for $5 sale we came upon.
A clever wedding favor when your last name is Woodhouse, eh?
Also: Nate's beer, not mine. For the record.
Gorgeous wedding eve.
A family friend out of town allows us to reap the benefits of her garden!
We finished out the closet in Baby's room as well - Photo updates to come. Happy Monday, y'all.

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