Closet Love

So excited about this upgrade, guys. When we moved in to our house, everything was what I'd call "builder standard": White walls, brass fixtures, single wire-rack closets. We overhauled one closet last year two years ago (what?!), in what's now the guest room out of necessity, and now we've re-done a second closet in the baby's room. I think it's about quadrupled the storage space, and I'm thrilled with how pretty it is too. Double win!

I was so excited to upgrade I failed to get a really solid 'before' photo, but you've all seen a 'builder standard' closet before, yes? Like this:
One shelf, one hanging rack, all rather cheaply made. Once that was out, we were left with a fresh canvas for re-painting and re-working.
Pretty sure Nate is inside the closet in this pic since Tucker is so riveted!
We pondered cutting wood and building out the closet ourselves - I even borrowed plans created by a skilled friend - but ended up taking the easier route and buying a pre-fab kit. Specifically this one (plus shelves) from Home Depot.
The hanging bar hardware cracked me up - Happy little guys!
We put it all together per the instructions, and got everything securely fastened to the wall. We did go back to the hardware store and purchase two good sized L-brackets to support each shelf; just didn't feel like the hardware that came with the shelving was sturdy enough. And let's face it, as Baby Boy grows he will get more and more monkey-like... So the shelf and hanging rack need to be able to stand up to some abuse.
All I have left to do now is popping the baseboard back on - I removed it prior to closet install, painted it white to match the rest of the room, and we did have to cut a few sections out so our new shelving would sit flush against the wall. Hoping that having those custom cuts will make the shelving look a little bit built in and "finished".
What about you, any organizational upgrades lately? I can't wait to hang tiny hangers in here and get a few baskets for the shelves!

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