Stencil: Successful

For the last few years I've really been drawn to the surge in popularity of pretty, modern wallpaper. To anyone that's had to steam and strip layers of fifties-era florals, I'm sure wallpaper is still a dirty word... But really, there are some amazing ones out there! The only drawback for me: It can get pretty pricey.
I knew I wanted a fun accent wall in the baby's room, and after drooling over some cha-ching wallpaper options, I started looking at stencils. Paint? I can do that. I finally landed on this one from Etsy seller Cutting Edge Stencils. The quality is wonderful, and that's important when you're going to be taping, re-taping, soaking with paint, and generally just wrangling this thing repeatedly. Don't skimp out on your stencil quality, folks!
Note: I used a sponge application because I like the imperfect, rough edges. If you're looking for a cleaner line, a roller is a better option. Cutting Edge Stencils sends instructions and a buy-list, as well as offering tools for sale on the site.

My original thought was to do the same Glidden Granite Gray wall color in a super high gloss finish just to give the wall a little texture, but ultimately decided to go bolder and use my favorite tone of white: Decorators White from Benjamin Moore.
It took me a bit longer than I'd hoped (hey, it's a job to hoist this body up and down a step stool these days!), but I really love the results. I plan to hang some larger-scale art on that wall to break up the pattern too. And hey, if Baby decides he hates it down the road, all it takes is some paint and a roller to make it disappear.
But please, Baby J, let it stand for a few years. It's gonna take this preggo a little while to recover from the job.

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