Random Round Up: Miscellany

A weekend full of change: From sun and humidity to 60+ mph winds and rain, and from decrepit siding on the house to replaced and ready for paint. More on that project later, but five pics first, as we do around here on a Monday.
The second-blooming of my rose bush! Sadly it took a beating in the storms,
but there are still a few pretty petals hanging on.
I re-worked the styling of our family room shelf - Some
natural shed antlers and a meaningful family heirloom flag. Much better!
Who knew my boss' boss is so creative? Handmade bibs and a burp cloth cake.
Planning some baby room and master bedroom organization. Baskets galore!
This pretty much captures the weather this weekend: From sun to storm and back again.
I finished a baby room project this weekend too that I can't wait to show you - So do-able and so useful! Have a great week guys.

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