Random Round Up: Snacks

This third trimester business has me all about the food - I go from "meh" to STARVING in 0.2 seconds lately, so having something decent on hand has become a must. I think I'll do a little post on cravings later, but for now, a few weekend happenings...
Hummus, sharp cheddar cheese, and pickles: Toss in crackers and I'm a happy camper.
Story of my life right now. Morning, noon, and night.
...Especially night. Oy.
Having great success in my new business - So thankful and excited for more!
Heaven forbid you get to work out alone in our house...
Mint milk chocolate has never been a question in my world, but dill pickles need to be
added to every sandwich-type meal these days. I wonder if I'll still like them afterwards...?
Pedicure in a massage chair... It doesn't get much happier these days.
Have a great week! Eat something delicious in my honor.

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  1. Thanks, just had a delicious asian street salad at the corner bakery. Tasted really good.


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