Fall Weddings & Football

Oh man, I came upon this article on CNN.com this morning and I'm trying not to snort behind my computer. So entertaining, and so true. The premise is that weddings during the fall college football season encroach on the fans in attendance's viewing record. There is even a full-blown website called FallWeddingsSuck.com (Tagline : "Online Therapy for Pissed Off Football Fans". HA!)
Image courtesy of Cleveland.com
I'm a crazy sports fan too, so I'm sure I've actually had these moments. I'm actually missing a baby shower for a soon-to-be cousin-in-law to hit a Husky football game.

And a little bird told me that one of Nate's cousins was in utter terror that our wedding would be this fall, preventing her from her high school volleyball team captain duties.

Ummm.... Been there.

Anyway. Fear not, fall sports fans. I fully plan on only interrupting spring sports like golf, which, if you must, is quiet enough that you can watch on your smart phone during the ceremony.

I'll understand.
A cake topper - And my new name! - from the UK.
Image courtesy of TiersAndTiaras.co.uk

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