Meet My Vendors: Yessie Makeup Artistry

Super excited to have found and booked a make-up artist for The Day. We haven't met face to face yet, but the emails have been a'flying, and I can't wait to have a sit-down with Yessie of Yessie Makeup Artistry when I get back from a little lake vacay this week.

The girl has some serious skillz (yeah, with a Z. She's that good.), and has earned her stripes working on fashion shoots and just generally making the world a more beautiful place.
Image courtesy of Thumbtack.com
It honestly would have never occurred to me to have a makeup artist for my wedding, but after witnessing the transformative powers of a good one at a dear friend's wedding last year, I was sold. I wanted to pack that girl into my carry-on and bring her back home with me for daily use.
Image courtesy of Best.King5.com
Image courtesy of Yessie's Facebook page
Can't wait to have Yessie work her magic on me! Love her quote on her Tumblr page: "I like your face, even if you don't!"

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