I knew that leaving on vacation meant that I needed to soak up all the eating (and eating and eating and eating...) and non-emailing I possibly could, because the return to reality means GETTING. DOWN. TO. BUSINESS.

Like, for real. I've got a crap-ton of things to do (seems like I think of another detail 10 times a day... How to keep them all straight!?), and 8 months to do them in.

So coming across this blog entry by one of my fave gals, Maegan Tintari of Love...Maegan, just kind of put it in perspective for me. No, Mom (and all of you with plane tix already), I am not going to elope. But I sort of love that Maegan did, and that she wouldn't change a thing. Here's an exerpt from her blog entry:

"After about a month of wedding planning, the husband and I decided to leave all the stress behind and sneak off to Vegas and tie the knot... just the two of us, with no fanfare. And we did. September 4th, 2006.... Labor Day weekend, 5 years ago Sunday. And it was wonderful.

Though we returned home to some saddened family members who felt left out, all in all, our little wedding ceremony was really special. And in the heat of the Vegas moment, we wed Vegas style. I in an Agent Provacateur ivory corset and jeans and the husband in an ill-fitting suit, adidas sneakers and a t-shirt that said "Everyone loves and Italian Boy" with an illustration from Super Mario Brothers. Yeah, klassy I know, but it was Vegas and really, wearing a wedding gown in a chapel where an Elvis impersonator was waiting in the next room just seemed silly.

We threw a reception party for our friends and family a few months later with a bit of a 60's theme. I found a vintage 60's dress topped with champagne colored sequins and a velvet bow complete with the original tags and I altered it to modernize it a bit. I wore my grandma's leopard coat which she had made for herself in the 60's and a pair of champagne peep toe marc by marc jacobs pumps. I was a bit too tan and a bit too over the top but it was fun."
 Images courtesy of LoveMaegan.com

Thanks, Maegan, for reminding me that the details are just that - DETAILS. Minor bits and bobs, which if go missing practically no one will notice. We're celebrating a marriage, not a party, and everything else will fade into a comfortable whirl of memories of a magical night.

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