Do you use the iPhone app Instagram? Well I'm a recent convert (thanks Amy!) so I thought I'd throw up a couple I snapped of my world this first  half of the week.

It was a crackdown on the felt flowers - Prep, prep, prepped those suckers! But as of last night I can actually say that every piece of felt in sight is ready to be whipped around a wooden stick slathered in hot glue and made into a floral arrangement. If you hadn't seen the partial results before I know you'd be nervous after that sentence.

Anyway, while I literally have 2 separate blisters from my scissor-fest last night, here's some Instagram shots of my blue felted world :
 Stitching yards and yards and yards and.... of felt tubing. See the accumulating pile behind the machine?
The scrap bin from trimming what will become rosebuds.

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