Felt Flower Fiesta: They're Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I know. I KNOW.

More .
Felt .
Flowers .

But hey, a bride needs a bouquet, right? I decided to go with a more traditional form for my own lil' blossoms (meaning : not a pomander), so I have to figure out how to make some sort of supporting 'stem' system.  I'll have to work something out with more felt or integrating my lace to cover the crafty looking base of them all too, but I think I am wrapping my mind around all of that successfully so far.... I hope.

But! Whipped up all the roses this weekend, and the dahlias won't be long behind with the holiday weekend coming up.
Sparkley white on top, with white and cream (not so creamsicle in person)
Layers o' Felt Roses

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  1. Can already tell this is going to be a gorgeous addition to your handmade items. You're pretty amazing.


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