Trip to Michael's #456,324,321

...Okay, I may have exaggerated that number a smidge.

But I've been to craft stores more in the last few months then ever before... And I'm crafty!! Anyway. Here's the latest haul :
Those beads in front and all of the floral supplies (two kinds of wire and tape) will be used in the centerpieces, and the pile o'white-toned felt is - ta da! - for my own bouquet (MORE FELT FLOWERS. I know. Gross.). That sparkly turquoise stem of leaves I found for a "pre-Christmas" discount rate of 30% off, and it will be clear-coated so it stops shedding glitter like freaking rain, then cut apart and used in the boutonnieres for Nate and his dudes.

I started playing with scraps to get the feel for what I want the table 'arrangements' to look like last night, and although I haven't busted into the tulle yet (maybe tonight if I'm on a roll...), I'm starting to be pretty happy with my tissue and lace creations. But more on that tomorrow!

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