I'm With The Band

We put our money where are mouths are and went and picked out wedding bands this weekend.

We'd looked at Nate's before but hadn't pulled the trigger, and now after sitting on the decision for a while he was sure. Me, on the other hand... I had decided that I didn't want or need a wedding band ages ago. I love my engagement ring, and was afraid that since it wasn't sold as a 'set', a wedding band would detract from it's original beauty.

More diamonds a bad thing? I know, what was I thinking. So of course, after ogling other womens' hands for a while, I decided I wanted one after all. And since Nate is great and I am spoiled..... Voila :
And, for those wondering, here's Nate's choice:
I bought his outright, but he put mine on a layaway plan so I'm "not tempted to try it on before the wedding".
Super annoying How adorable that he knows me so well.


  1. I can't get over how much I love your band. our are so similar! I remember the day Brett came home with it...I *may* have worn it the entire day.


    I can't believe how close it is!!!!! Eeeee!

  2. They are alike, aren't they! Didn't even put that together. Srsly cannot wait to wear it.


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