Taking A Breather

This weekend had a few productive moments, but mostly it was filled with some drinking of this :
Walking in this :
And a little snuggling with this :
On the productivity front (you know I love my lists) :
* Hit Value Village and scored a dozen chargers for 99 cents a pop plus all the goblets I need to make cake stands for our doughnuts, which 'Maid Emily will be lending a hand with in December.
* Submitted ANOTHER counter offer to the bank on the house.
* Made more tissue/tulle/lace flowers and I think perfected the assembly process/stem length conundrum.

I'll post some pictures of the goblet-n-charger haul once they make it out of the car. Haven't yet fully decided whether they'll be painted all to match or I'll go with the gold-silver-clear that they are now... We'll see. I think it will depend on whether I can find a food-grade sealant to cover the spray paint or not. Not looking for my wedding favor to be lead poisoning. 

At about $34 for the whole shebang we're coming out massively ahead on the financial front - To RENT (as in borrow for a day) a single tiered cake stand from my doughnut vendor runs almost $150. Horrified? I was. Especially since we'd probably need more than just one. So here I'm getting twelve keep-able/gift-able stands for $30 and a little elbow grease.

And an additional little sanity saver : Found a 100% silk Banana Republic boho-style dress amongst my thrifting for $9.99. A little web research tells me it retailed for $98 in it's day. Neither here 'nor there, but it makes me happy.
Image courtesy of NevverNude.com

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  1. You have to RENT cake stands? Ok, I get if you're using just that and not getting a cake you might rent for a day - but that price is NUTS. Keep your head straight - you're a gal on the lookout for deals and you do make the most of what you find. It's awesome and I'm inspired!


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