Table Tissue

Tissue on a table usually only shows up at a 3 year-old's birthday party or at the senior center during craft hour. So, bascially I've got my work cut out for me trying to make it chic.
Image courtesy of OrientalTrading.com
But tissue paper is this amazing medium. It doesn't have to only live in gift bag and box interiors - It can be folded, twisted, torn and tszujed. It can be thin or voluminous, round or square, flat or textured. AND it's cheap! My 520 sheets were about $24.
I know I sound like I'm gunning for Tissue Saleswoman Of The Year, but come ON! Get on this bandwagon and roll with the crafty kids.

Making a Case for Tissue, Exhibit A : The flowers I played around with making Wednesday night :
All of this with ONE SHEET of tissue. So that means I have 519 sheets left to play with... I'd say I'm stocked. Those packs of clear beads and floral wire pictured yesterday are in use here too : A couple inches of wire, a bead in the center, and the "petals" are strung on and finger crimped for texture. I thought the lace added a nice color break, so the next step of mixing in the turquoise tulle should put it over the top. Each flower is about the size of my man sized large-ish palm, give or take a little depending on the flower.

So I think we're getting somewhere. Flowers are a pretty dreamy thing to craft since nature thrives on imperfections equaling beauty. None of them have to be the same, and none of them need to be "perfect". Which, ironically, is pretty much perfection for this girl.


  1. I really don't know how you do it. You have so much patience and talent!

  2. Great point about imperfections being the way of mother nature - and life in general. Keep that in mind throughout the wedding prep process and you and your felt/tissue flowers will stay in good shape.


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