Trying Tissue

Thought I'd throw up some pics of my first attempt at grouping my tissue/lace/tulle flowers in their destined home - The puff-painted/spray painted bottles (remember those guys?). I decidedly need to work out a few kinks - 'stem' length, speed of creation, etc., but for the most part I like them.

...Although it took leaving them assembled and sleeping on it for me to do so. Something about how long I'd been messing with them Saturday night made me hate them, but by Sunday morning they were back basking in the glow of my acceptance.

So (and as always, excuse the cell-phone-in-dim-apartment pic quality) :
And lastly, I pulled in one of my taller bottles too for a photo op. I've decided there will be three per table - Aesthetically, threes and fives look better in groupings as opposed to even numbers of twos/fours/sixes. There. Now you've learned something and reading this blog has all not been for naught. You're welcome.
I'm quite happy with how the three materials work together - That wispy little addition of tulle makes me happy in my craft-nerd way. 

***Perfectionist Side Note : The bottles pictured haven't had their final coats of paint, so they'll look better in the end... I hope. Oh the joys of figuring it out as you go along.


  1. They are indescribably gorgeous! I want to be you when I grow up.

  2. These are looking FANTASTIC, Ashley!


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