Clean Up Crew: Bottles

Clean Up Crew continues with aaaaaaaaaall those matte white bottles I puff-painted and spray painted for the reception tables.

By the time we packed 'em up to head to Lord Hill Farms on the wedding day, the total had hit somewhere around 70.

Not ready to toss them in the recycle bin quite yet, I've been living with them in storage containers for a while as I mulled over what could be done with them in the house without making the place feel like a brewery.

So here's what I landed on:
 Because our home was built when televisions were much smaller and boxier, we can't use the built-in cubby for our flat screen. I guess in some sort of strange decorative attempt the builder put up a large gigantic darkened mirror above the built-in. Thankfully our tv covers most of it, but it still needed... something. So now, or at least for the time being, the bottles are just the thing!

From far away it just looks kind of textural and interesting with the varied heights, and close up you can see that each is different. Because they're all white - and a matte finish at that - they don't seem to add any busy-ness or reflective distraction to the area.

And you're right if you've decided that not all 70 are there... The new home for a few more to be revealed tomorrow.

Update: Looking back I feel like the pictures in this post look a lot stranger than how it looks in person. It's actually quite a clean and Anthropologie-like look... I'll have to see if I can't get some better pictures with better lighting in the near future!

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