Clean Up Crew: L-O-V-E Letters

Kicking off a new little mini-series here I've decided to call 'Clean Up Crew'.

I've never really heard anyone talk about what they do with all that post-wedding stuff. Not the presents or the dress, but the leftover decor. I mean, what does one actually do with two foot high cardboard letters covered with turquoise tissue fringe?? Or you know, something normal people have left over from their wedding.
In our case, those cardboard behemoths are just the thing to fill out an architectural shelf in the master bedroom. But first, a frustrating little tale :

After the music had stopped and we'd said most of our goodbyes to our guests, 'Maid Melissa reported that one of the female guests had stolen the V from the LOVE letters. She'd seen her walking out the door, but was across the room and couldn't get to her in time to stop her.


Really, it was the only flawed moment in the entire perfect day. Nearly from conception of the project I had plans for these letters to be used in our home, and the fact that someone thought it was funny to take this thing I'd put so much time and thought into made me so angry.

And I did NOT want to start over and make another V. You all know how long it took me to fringe these things, after all.

Anyway, long story short, Melissa's consternation was overseen by one of Nate's former neighbors, who said she knew the woman who had taken it and she would make sure it was returned (the culprit ended up being her daughter-in-law). The next day Nate thought his rooftop storage box on his truck had been broken into... Low and behold, he went to investigate and found the V crammed inside, shredded and damp.
Again with the furious-ness.

But now, repaired and reunited with L,O, and E, the set is complete and stands where I always envisioned.
Admittedly, I'm still not totally in a forgiving mood over the temporary theft, but I'm glad it ended as well as I guess I could have hoped.

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  1. That is INSANE! I can't believe she took it. Looks great though, and I L.O.V.E. the pictures with attendants and the letters. Priceless.


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