It occurred to me this morning that I've never talked about what music we chose for the wedding day events. I had a few surprises, so although I wanted to spill the beans pre-wedding, I kept it zipped.
While I was encouraged by every bridal magazine and wedding site out there to "choose a theme" for the wedding, we didn't. And if I had to choose... Well, I can't count the number of times both Nate and I said "we just want everyone to have FUN".

With that said, our playlist:

Seating of the Mothers, Junior Bridesmaids (who were also our candle lighters): 
'Stand By Me', by Ben E. King

Bridal Party (including kiddos): 
'Everybody Loves A Lover', by Doris Day

'Livin' On A Prayer', string quartet version as performed by Vitamin String Quartet

Under Reading: 
'The Prayer', as performed by Charlotte Church & Josh Groban

'Praise You', by Fat Boy Slim

First Dance: 
'Feels Like Home', as performed by Chantal Kreviazuk

'My Girl', by The Temptations

'Beautiful Boy', by John Lennon, as performed by Ben Harper 

...There you have it! I must say, Nate originally was not the biggest fan of my Bon Jovi tribute, but he let me have my way. In the end, waiting on the hidden stairs with my dad and hearing that waa pedal intro kick in and everyone start giggling as they recognized the song.... AWESOME. And Nate said it was a kick to see everyone's reaction as he stood up front waiting for me.
I of course have a playlist of all of these queued up in iTunes, and we actually made each of our mom's a cd to listen to post-wedding.

I think all of our choices fit the bill: FUN!

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