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You may notice the blog has had a minor facelift - There's only so much to write about my own wedding, so I'll be posting about projects and happenings in our new married, home-owning life as well. Enjoy!

I know you're all probably sick to death of hearing about the yard, so I have a variation for you today : The patio! Yes?? 

I know. Not really. But allow me to sing the praises of the wonder that is a pressure washer.

I love this thing. Immediate results, lots of mud all over me, and a lovely arm/upper back work out. Sold!
Yeah, there's a patio under all that moss.
This is the least of it - Forgot to take a true 'before' photo.
Tucker tested, Tucker approved.
It's so nice to be able to walk out without squishing through inches of waterlogged moss forcing you to put on shoes. I personally wish this patio was non-existent (we have a two-level deck that offers plenty of non-grass space), but hopefully we can deal with that in the future. For now at least it's clean!

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