Sit A Spell

Exciting times around our house as a new couch and chair are slated for delivery this Saturday!!

We're currently presiding over a family room full of hand-me-downs : A chair and couch that Nate's parents had for as long as he could remember, then gave to him when he moved out on his own after college. They've been troopers, these pieces of navy blue leather-y goodness, but the time has come.

The time has come and gone, actually.

Because the chair is now the only piece of sit-table furniture, fought over by Nate and I, and the only suitable place to sit for guests in that room. If Nate gets to the chair first, I've taken to sprawling out on the thinly carpeted floor. THAT is how uncomfortable the couch is.

Here's what's coming, courtesy of a major sale at Macy's Home Furnishings combined with $400 of Macy's gift cards from our wonderful wedding well-wishers:
The deep espresso color will look great and grounded against our buttery yellow walls, and it's a super easy color to be able to mix in some fun throw pillows with (have plans for those guys already, thank you Pinterest!). The fabric is a velvety ultrasuede, meaning it's durable and easy to clean, a must for dog lovers such as ourselves.

And just because it's pouring rain today and we're talking about furniture, I'm gonna toss up this pic of Nate and Tucker on a sunnier day in our recent past...
Oh and the cast-off leather furniture will live on - The chair is going to a family friend going out on her own for the first time, and the couch - which does actually still have life in it despite my description - is slated for a Saturday morning donation drop-off.

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