Clean Up Crew: More Bottles

As promised yesterday, more bottles! I know, I know, you barely made it you were holding your breath so long.

As you've probably figured out from the LOVE letters going on the big ledge in the master bedroom and the other bottles going on the deep above-built-in ledge in the family room... Our house has more ledges then we quite know what to do with.

There are two facing each other in our big entryway to the house, and one in particular was looking pretty naked to me. Enter, bottles!
 If you've figured out those orange-y balls-on-stems are leftovers too, well, ten points to you (and may I suggest branching out from reading ONLY this blog). I had plans for our wedding colors to be all shades of saturated blues with little pops of coral, but that was scrapped when I just couldn't get enough coral together to make it look deliberate and not random. So! In the castoff pile (aka: my future sewing room) they were tossed, only to have their moment in the sun post-wedding.
Like I mentioned before, in the entryway there are two ledges facing each other. We found this sign on our Mini-Moon and decided it was just crying out to live on a random, peaked ledge. Not a bad fit for having not measured, eh? We were proud.

Now, are you confused yet with all this ledge and entryway talk? Let me offer a better visual:
So there you have it. Most of the bottles are used, the ledges are lonely no more, and the house is becoming a little more of a home and less of a wedding-craft-war-zone every day.

I'll probably recycle the rest of the bottles... But for now they remain in their containers waiting for more inspiration to strike.

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