Since I've changed the tagline of this blog from "Attempting a Handmade Wedding" to "Attempting a Handmade Life", I guess I should let you in on the lil' projects I tackle 'behind the scenes' of home and wedding.

I come from a pretty serious sewing background, and now that it's not my full time gig I just crave it. I know how crazy that sounds, but true story.

Herringbone pattern, pen for scale.
I've had few yards of herringbone denim in a bag for - I am not joking - YEARS (5-ish I think at this point), and it was finally time to use some up. I hate working from purchased patterns since the sizing never seems right, so normally I'll trace and alter from a garment I already own and wear. This time I hung onto a pair of trouser-style jeans that I beat into the ground, knowing they'd be a good pattern some day.
They may look okay, but worn thin as paper!
...And have already been patched several times.

After a hand crippling amount of seam ripping, my old jeans were resting in pieces (ha), and ready to be used as a pattern.
Snipped, pinned, and ready for the machine.
For now I'll refrain from overloading you with pics, and to be honest, I've been lollygagging on the finishing (hemming, belt loops), but when they're ready to wear I'll show the finished product. I tend to make more 'special occasion' garments when I get that wild designing hair (like dresses or skirts), but I can wear these trousers to work. Here's hoping they get to step out more than once or twice a year... And hold together when they do.

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