So we hired this dj for our wedding in a sort of a friend-of-a-friend cutting us a deal situation. He's wonderful as a guy and as a professional - We attended a friend's wedding who is also a part of said larger circle of pals, and the dj skills kept the party going and the crowd laughing.

His name is Tiger Budbill. Sound familiar?

Well if you've tuned in to this first season of The X Factor on Fox, you've seen his face and heard his voice. He's become a bit of a story on the show, pulling at the root-for-the-underdog heartstrings of the viewing public. Judge L.A. Reid shot him down in his initial audition, but Simon Cowell (seriously) came to the rescue and kept him in the game. He's been going strong ever since.
Image courtesy of XFactorOnFox.blogspot.com
So yeah, a semi-celeb is dj'ing our wedding and I get to upstage him. You know, no biggie. ;)

He can be seen as a part of the "Over 30's" group on the show. Check your local listings and root for Tiger! See his YouTube clips here. He's the real deal.

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