Lace 'Em Up

Found my lace!

I mentioned here I was on the hunt for some lace to chop up into bunting and other bits. Success! I found a lovely bit for $4.90/yd on eBay. I'd given myself a budget of $25 including shipping, and as lace by the yard tends to be expensive I didn't expect to get more than 3 yards out of that deal. How very convenient that loads of eBay sellers are offering free shipping in order to up their sales and donate a portion to breast cancer research this month: Five yards later, and I've only spent $24.50.


Here's my score:

Should be arriving in the next few days. Woohoo! It's stretch too, so if I have any left over it may just accidentally work it's way into a lil' garment design for yours truly... Bonus!

I'm also meeting with Yessie, my makeup artist, tonight for the first time at a local coffee shop. I've got a stack of makeup pictures on my Wedding-O-Rama Pinterest board I can show her on my phone, but really it's just a meet-n-greet kind of deal. Should be a good time.

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