It's All Just A Little Too Much...

It's happened : I am STRESSED.
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I'd been doing so well just going about my business, ticking things off the list.... But today that nice, accomplished feeling has dissipated and a little part of me just wants to hide under my desk and cry.

The calendar next to me has every single Saturday booked from what seems like now 'til eternity, and I know I have even more things to schedule on weekdays. And, yes, I am a crazy dog person, but the thing that has me the most concerned is how little time is currently left for my pup. Feeling like we're pawning him off on Nate's parents left and right is killing me, even though they love him as if he were a real live grandchild.
How can you say no to this Puggle-y face?!
We're also trying to cram in 5 sessions of pre-marital counseling with the pastor that's marrying us. It's required for him to seal the deal, so we're going through it and trying to make it as fun as possible. So far it's not so bad at all, and it is keeping two mothers I know extremely happy. Five sessions didn't seem like so many in the beginning, but now that time with my boys at home is worth more than the current market value of gold, scheduling time to watch videos and talk about ourselves is Making . Me . Crazy . I almost wish we could just go sit there for the 6 remaining hours we owe and knock it out.... Sigh.

If you're still reading (between eye rolls, I'm certain), thanks for letting me vent. I just miss my old day-to-day right now, and knowing it's not coming back anytime soon is a tough pill to swallow.

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  1. I DISTINCTLY remember when I put a post up like this. I lost it man, several times. You've been so amazing and graceful through this whole thing...so lose it all you want! I'll send chocolate. :)


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