A Proper Penguin

Not only were 3-D letters acheived last weekend, but Nate and I managed to squeeze in a trip to Men's Warehouse on Sunday and pick out the last thing he'll be wearing as a single dude. We're sweetly referring to it as the Game : Over Suit. Nice, eh?

Anyway. I think our consultant waffled between loving us and thinking we were nuts for making decisions so quickly, but we were in and out in about half an hour. Nate had looked online already, and had a good idea of what he wanted. So without further adieu :
Satin-trimmed lapels.
Going with the long tie rather than the bow tie - A surprise to me since Nate loves a bow tie. Striped tie, patterned vest. Love the contrast.
Ivory shirt to coordinate with my dress.
'Smoke' and silver cuff links and buttons.

I think I was sadder than Nate about him giving up his idea of wearing wingtip shoes - They only came in black and white (no ivory) and he wouldn't hear of the shoes and shirt not coordinating. 
All images courtesy of MensWarehouse.com
Lovin' it. I will happily marry this penguin.

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