The Craft

The craft projects continue! A few new goodies I've aquired of late:

*One ream of turquoise tissue via eBay.
*Ten stems of coral-y and natural-toned 'balls' at 50% off from Michael's ($0.99 each!)
 *Hoarding cardboard like it's going out of style. Huge stack wedged between fridge and wall... And no one needs to see a picture of that.
*New box cutter to save me some 10-year-old-Xacto-knife heartache once I launch into the cardboard project.
Still on the hunt for :
*Lace via eBay or the thrift store to whip up some bunting in conjunction with my turquoise tulle.
*Melamine plates, drawer pulls, and hollow wooden candlesticks to create cake stands for our Frost doughnuts.
DIY Cake Plates 
Image courtesy of GiversLog.com
In other news, a co-worker who knows I am crafty and can sew asked me today if I could add just one more project to my list and whip up him a gigantic custom polyurethane Harley Davidson motorcycle cover.

Because that's super easy. And because I have loads of free time. Totally logical.

...Just a little update from my felt/tissue/styrofoam/cardboard filled world.

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