Felt Flower Fiesta: We're Getting Warmer...

Making some super exciting (in my world) progress on the felt flower pomanders. In fact, such progress that I hope to will be done with them by the end of next week! Can I get a yeehaw!!

Remember that monster stack of felt? Every bit of it is now a flower. At four flowers to a sheet, that's left me with about 300+ flowers. ....Seeing that number in print makes me feel a little naseous.....

How 'bout a visual:

Sorry for the mini version on the black and white - Can't get a handle on how to email myself photos from Instagram's new update.

So that mountainous pile /sea of sticks will be headed for the styrofoam balls pronto. Through my intrepid tester 'Maid, Emily, I found that my first version of attaching the ribbon handle was not exactly sturdy.
....The tip off was when the pomander went bouncing across the 'stage' at the bridal store during Dress Day. So . Did a little re-engineering, and voila:

 All once piece, supporting the full ball, glue all 'round and several knots to top it off. Those babies are solid.

Last but not least, saw this in my Etsy lurkings and had to share:


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