Meet My Vendors: Frost Doughnuts

Didn't I tell you Friday it was going to be a fun-filled weekend?
This morning we're headed to Frost Doughnuts for a tasting. Neither Nate nor I are very much into very expensive fondont draped monstrosities, so in place of cake : Doughnuts! And let me tell you, Frost is the place to do it right.

 Smokey Bacon Maple Bars. Butterfinger. Bourbon Caramel Pecan. Banana Split Fritter.

 I'll be in such a sugar haze by the end of the tasting I'll probably agree to any pricing the owner throws at me. Nonetheless, my tummy is empty and I'm ready to taste!!
Smokey Maple Bacon Bar
Image courtesy of SeattleMusings.com

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