Quick Craft: Autumn Door Decor

Living in a neighborhood that decorates for holidays and a talk with a friend who loves all things autumnal got me itching to fall-ify our house a little bit. One trip to Michael's floral section and I was in business.

I saw a bunch of pre-made decor on their shelves, but it ranged from about $20-$40. Considering they were having a sale on the Ashland brand fall foliage (50% off) and the fact that I actually like to make things, there was no way that I was willing to shell out that kind o' cash. Four bunches of harvest-y vegetation on sale only set me back about $12.
Once home, I snipped all the stems apart using small wire cutters. Then, using just basic masking tape to hold my place, I began layering.
Snipped Apart. Apologies for the blur - Too excited to start my project!
Once things were as I wanted them and my final wrapping of masking tape had been secured, I twisted a doubled strand of wire around to create a hanging loop, and then wrapped the taped and wired center in a maroon ribbon I had in my gift wrap storage.
On the door it goes, and I'm loving it. I even had some straggling bits of flora left over, so they now are in a julep cup making the interior of the house a little more festive. $12 and two decorations? I'll take it.

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