Seeing Gray

Nope, it's not quite time yet for the northwestern skies to take on their signature shade, but I am seeing gray nonetheless.

The window seat is painted! Take a look:
Unpainted and un-cushioned, Tuck still enjoyed the new vantage point.
Primed and in pieces
Let the painting begin!
Behr Premium in Sparrow going on
I carefully went around all the hardware....
...only to decide it was just too gold. A light coat on the hinges fixed it right up!
Two hours and two coats later.
 Now before you see the pieces put back in their places, please remember the following list of window seat to-do's:
*Build & Prime
*Rip out carpet underneath structure (and eventually put in flooring - can't WAIT for that)
*Remove baseboard trim from wall and place on bottom of bench
*Adhere vertical decorative (and seam-hiding) trim to body of bench
*Adhere trip to front lip of seat cover
*Make cushions

...So, we've a long way to go yet. But any progress is reason to celebrate. Can I get a woohoo for the pics below?
 Of course the lighting is - as always - not great since it's just too handy to use my iPhone's camera, but just by painting it the whole thing looks so much more intentional and, well, built in. Coming together!

Edit: This is the 200th post on this blog... Crazy!

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  1. That picture of Tuck is so cute. But where are his pillows?


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