Quick Craft: DIY Team Logo Gear

I married into a family who are massive University of Washington fans. No, none of them went to school there, but if you care about collegiate athletics - especially football - liking the Huskies is just something you do on this side of the Cascades.
Years (and years) of season tickets and general fan-demonium have stuffed the hubs' closet to the brim with Udub paraphernalia, and I'm coming up right behind him. But what to do when you go to, say, one game a year and don't feel like shelling out $30+ for a t-shirt with a W on it? With my parents coming up to attend a game with us this week, that question begged to be answered.

Enter (trumpets!): How to DIY your own logo gear with felt.
Most logos are pretty easy to re-create by looking at a picture and having a ruler handy (that was my approach), but a more complex outline could be easily managed by searching Google Images and printing/cutting out a paper pattern to trace onto your felt. If you're computer savvy, you could even size the logo differently before printing and snipping to accommodate your needs.
I should have done it on paper, but this is what I used as my pattern.
I just tacked my layers together with a thin bit of glue, but a contrasting whip stitch around the edges would be adorable if you have the time.
I'll be stitching pin-backs on these guys so they can be taken off and on whatever hat/shirt/jacket they land on, but a more permanent solution would be to adhere them to your surface with stitching. With felt costing 30 cents or less a sheet, this is about the cheapest logo gear you could possibly hope for. Support your team in style and on the cheap!
Just enhancing the real world application with the dog hair-coated jacket. You're welcome.

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