Random Round Up: Waterfall Surprise

I'll start with the normal weekend happenings, and leave you in suspense till the end for the soggy story...
Spontaneous local date night Friday.
Hooray for friends and fam with gardens!
Obsessed with these amazing 10 minute manicures.
Finally getting paint on the window seat pieces!
And then came a visit to Nate's parents house while they were out of town... I heard a rushing water sound in the house, and Nate saw an inordinate amount of water gushing out of a pipe on the street (you can tell already this is headed nowhere good, huh...). Long story short, broken pipe attaching the sprinkler system to the house, waterfall outside, waterfall in the crawl space under the house, lots of emergent action and phone calls to the parents to get emergency shut-off valve directions and then - thankfully - to let them know all was well. Could have been a LOT worse - Best of all, we think we discovered it only a few  hours after it happened. Phew!!
Emerging from the ankle-deep-in-water crawlspace, Dad in hand...
Busted - Pipe on the right, other half of pipe (green) on left...
Nate went wading....
 So other than us having some seriously soggy feet (and ankles, in Nate's case) and the uncertainty of when the next shower will be for Nate's parents.... It's all good. :) Happy Monday all!

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