Quick Craft: Lace-Embellished Tee

So item procurement might not be the quickest, but once you've got your pieces this lil' project will take you about 10-30 minutes depending on how fast a hand sewer you are.

*Needle & lace-matching thread
*Fray-Check (to keep lace ends from fraying if you need to cut it)

Lace is so trendy right now, and believe it or not, you can almost always find the stuff at your local thrift store. What's more, it's often of much higher quality for a WAY better price then you would ever find at your fave fabric spot. Hit the thrift store's fabric section, or look into the tablecloth/home goods area for doilies or large pieces you can cut up (if you come up empty handed, a Google search of the term 'lace applique' should also get you headed in the right direction).

I ordered this swingy tee online during Forever21.com's BOGO sale recently... So it was free! Score.

image - Forever21.com
Then, using the scrap of lace, tacked it down (i.e. stitch through with thread doubled, tie knot, snip and move on) wherever it felt loose. In this case: A few at the top, the sides and bottom, as well as one in the center for good measure. All you're doing is making sure it doesn't flop away from the shirt when you move, and that it can't easily catch on anything.
It's so much more interesting now, and since the tee is pretty low-quality (but hey, free!), I can always easily snip my stitches when the shirt has run it's course and use the lace on something new.

Presto, change-o!

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