Wedding Photo Canvas

A while back I stumbled upon a discount offer through the Today show's "Steals and Deals" segment for a company called MyPix2Canvas.com. I've always loved stretched canvas art, and the idea of using one of my own photographs - what this company specializes in - was pretty appealing for the price tag (...$25 I think? Somewhere thereabouts).
I snapped up the coupon and then proceeded to let it sit neglected in my email inbox for months.

Glad I did, because what better to use than one of our amazing wedding photos from Dana Pleasant Photography?! The images we received from Dana are incredibly high quality, which made it a simple upload process to get the 20x30 canvas ordered and on it's way.
I'm so impressed with the results - Beautiful color, a seemingly durable (aka: gently dust-able) surface, and incredibly sharp picture quality.
Even the tiny details are sharp on this canvas.
 On top of it all, they sent me a coupon good for 30% off all my orders for the next year and hardware to hang the canvas with. This big guy (it comes up to my upper thigh) is headed for the master bedroom, but with a coupon handy and such amazing results, you just may be hearing about an order from this company again in the near future.

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