All The Trimmings

As mentioned, my parents came up this weekend and we tackled putting up moulding in the downstairs powder room.

And by 'we', I mean my dad and Nate.

Now, my mom and I didn't just sit around - We prepped her Mother-Of-The-Bride dress for tailoring, and did one fantastic job of guarding the fireplace and making sure any and all dogs were comfy at all times. Clearly we were an integral cog in the moulding project wheel.

Regardless, Home Depot was visited (and re-visited... twice...), moulding went up, birthday gifts were handed out, and lunch and a generally grand ol' time was had.
Before . . . .

. . . After !


Sweet Shiloh, the 80 Pound Lap Dog

Otis Rules !
You may notice that that's a new doggy face in the last picture - Nate and I have a Pug-ly house guest for the next week while my old boss Laura and her hubs Jeff are out of town.

Sure to be a couple more photos of the newly minted 2-dog-household antics... And here's hoping it's all still in once piece when I get home from work today.

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