Details, Details

I feel like I know what you're thinking already... MORE craft supplies? MORE? Really?!



The haul from Michael's :
Stencils, string, ribbons, glue, poster board... To become all manner of things (we'll divide it up later as I conquer projects).

 And the wedding-related goods from the afore-mentioned trip to Ikea :
Not one of the above items was on the To-Buy-At-Ikea list, much to Nate's chagrin, but it was such a score to find our center unity candle (under $5 instead of the going rate of $30 at craft supply places), as well as the holders for our unity candle... lighter candles (do those have a title? whatever.), and - who knew - navy blue cocktail napkins to be used with the doughnuts at the reception.

Now I get to check a few things off the list and dive into more! ...Yay...?

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