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In all of this preparation fun, I sort of forgot about the concept of wedding gifts. I mean, I diligently created our registries quite early on like the wedding websites told me I should, but then it was rather out of sight, out of mind.

Plus, since the majority of our guests are incurring travel expenses just to come to the wedding, the presence of those I love is plenty gift enough for me. It's blowing my mind the lengths people are going to to come share in The Day, and I'm moved every time I think about it.

That said....

Man, was it a fun surprise to get a wedding gift in the mail! Nate and I are working opposite shifts last week and this week, so we waited until the weekend to open it together, and I fully looked forward to it every time I passed that box.

From the family of our Flower Girls, the deco-inspired mirror I adore from Target :

Just the thing on the landing of our stairs, and the first thing to catch your eye when you come in the front door. Thank you, Prose's!

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  1. What a brilliant decorative mirror! Love the style and so happy you could both open it together. I oohed and aahed immediately when this post came up. Enjoy! :)


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