White Wash

Talk about a bottle neck.

Those bad boys are still hanging around, more voluminous in number than ever before. Now that there's a garage in the mix, however, they're able to be painted and dried in bulk.
I took down about 10 tables worth one morning last week (wonky work schedule had me starting the business day at 1:30pm - YUCK), and here's the [almost] results :

I kind of love how ugly and hodge-podge they are in the beginning, and what a stellar kind of unified, 'shabby chic' vibe they throw off post-paint.

And see the "FLAT" finish description on that can? That, my friends, is the key. By going flat instead of any sort of sheen, they end up looking more like actual fired porcelain, rather than the high-gloss glass that they actually are. They're still wet in the photos above, but once dry : Glare-B-Gone! Gloss and shine just don't jive with the tissue/tulle/..... homemade thing I've got going here, so flat is just what the doctor craft gods ordered.

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