100th Post : Cake Plates

And the award for the most unoriginal title goes toooo............!

But yes, it's taken months to get around to finishing a 20 minute job, but the cake plates are done and ready for their big doughnut debut.
The Ingredients


Ready For Action

The Option for Tiered Stand

Instagr.am Shot . . . Why Not

The Goblet Base, "Right Side" Up
Seriously one of the easiest projects ever - Perfect for any occasion, and for just a couple bucks to make one, I'm going to have to highly recommend it for all of you out there in BlogLand. Easy! Do it! Go!

P.S. My parents are up today, and it's the FIRST TIME my Mom has seen the house since about 3 weeks before we moved in. So today we're celebrating my Dad's birthday and tackling putting up some pretty white trim in my navy blue pet of a powder room. Surely pics to come! 

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