How Inviting

This is what I'll be working with today :
That's right folks. We are all moved in and despite the chaos, wedding plans need to get back on track PRONTO.

So a trip to Office Max was in order, supplies were purchased, and I'll be a printing, stuffing, addressing machine for the next week.
Total make-my-day score on the supplies, however : See those blue boxes? Well, they're print-at-home invitation suites. Now. The actual invitations inside (a frilly brown situation) are pretty uggo, (I'll be using the 'Linen' paper in the photo to print my invitation suite) but we needed envelopes in both  invitation and RSVP card sizes.

And might I add : 8.5 x 5.5 plain envelopes will run you about $7 a pack, and decorative ones end up around the $11 for 10 envelopes mark. Cheaper than having invites professionally done, but still : Ouch.
On clearance for a hair under $9/50 down from $42/50, we decided to scoop up the boxes and pillage the envelopes. Once at the register, the manager (wanting to get rid of them??) knocked the price down to FOUR DOLLARS. So, presto : All the envelopes we need for eight smackers. BEAUTIFUL.

Let the inviting commence!

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  1. Was that a Paper Zone deal? Fantastic find, Ashley!


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