Interior Updates

In between invites, I managed to squeeze in a little home-making. And, contrary to the below picture quality, we do not actually live in a cave (dang cell phone camera).
Getting Some Art On The Walls
Library Table Decor
my treasured antique Chinese scrolls from my Grandmother
Scroll Detail
The photo of the scrolls is in the dining room - These scrolls are two of my most treasured possessions, and were gifted to me years ago by my dad's mother, who spent her early life in China as the daughter of missionaries. They are crazy-amazing, delicate, and detailed, so finding a place for them where they would be on display without getting much wear-and-tear or light was tricky. Extremely fine and thin woven bamboo makes up the base for the ink drawings, and they're trimmed in silk . I think flanking the dining room window is just the spot for 'em!

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