Felt Flower Fiesta: Bridal Bouquet

Just when you thought you'd never see a "Felt Flower Fiesta" post again...

You know you missed it. I'll let the pictures do the talkin', but my bridal bouquet is done! Check that suckah off the list. Wooot!
2 36" dowels cut in thirds, glued together, and stuck in 6" foam ball

Dowel Close-Up

Starting In...

Felt Flower Fountain

Time to cut some lace for the 'stems'

Almost done - Rhinestones in place!

close-up of some teeny rhinestone detail

Maternal Grandma's brooch, Paternal Grandma's bracelet

Finished Product
I'm super happy with how it turned out - Happily more projects are coming out as they look in my head then I ever could have hoped for on these wedding crafts. Can't wait to carry this guy down the aisle and have it to look at (sans-jewelry) for years to come.

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