...The word has taken on a completely different meaning.

These days, a relaxing weekend no longer includes couch time, leisurlely walks, or going with the flow. Nope, this "relaxing weekend" was a non-stop *take deep breath* Carpet-Getting, Ikea-Shopping, City-Lunch-Having, Furniture-Assembling, Craft-Supply-Buying, Taxes-Doing, Sunday-Dinner-Having whirlwind.

Did I forget anything? Probably. But that covers the heavy hitters. I'll re-cap in a couple different posts, but for now - the most exciting: Carpet is in!! Enjoy the photographic evidence while I deeply inhale all the new carpet smell I can get.
First we did a little floor re-sealing - So worth it for future spills.

Naked Sealed Stairs

Get Ready............


So there you have it. And yes, the carpet is covering the entire upstairs, but for some reason I only took before and after photos of the stairway itself. Blame it on the excitement of not getting splinters in my feet every time I leave the lower half of our house.

For anyone who cares (probably just me...) we went through Home Depot for the carpet purchase and installation, and could not be happier. The cushy deliciousness is Martha Stewart Living Boscobel II in 'Spud', and has guarantees and warranty promises out the wazoo from both the maker and Home Depot.

Mmmmmm, spuuuuuuuud.....

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