Clean Up Crew: Tissue Flowers

Happy Sunday! In reality, I'm recovering from what I'm sure was a super fun pre-birthday fiesta planned by my best buds (and bridesmaids) Emily and Paula, along with the hubs. But thought I would do a little show-and-tell of another wedding leftover being put to use for today. Surely pics will be posted of the fun had this weekend in a Random Round-Up later on in the week.

Remember that sea of tissue, tulle, and lace flowers I created for the table decoration? I just couldn't bear to throw all that work away immediately, so I've been holding on to 'em in a big storage tub in my someday soon-to-be sewing room.

And well, now that I want to use that space as an actual room, those flowers have got to go.

I've seen a million-and-one different variations of wreaths on Pinterest of late, so thought I'd see what I could come up with. One $4.99 Michael's grape vine wreath form later... Ta da!
Because the 'stems' of the flowers were a thin wire, all I had to do to complete this project was stick the wire through the wreath and bend/wrap it around the vines until it felt secure. The whole project took about 10 minutes.

The plan is that it'll go on the inside of our front door since tissue can't really withstand the outside elements. I still have a ton of the flowers left, so speak now if you want a wreath made for your own interior... Otherwise - and I hate to say it - in the trash they go. Glad I have some to remember the project by!

Update: It's found it's official home!

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