Quick Craft: Mason Jar Candles

Moving and sorting has brought several small collections to the surface that are in need of either being put to use or donated... whether that's to the thrift store or the recycling bin.

The other day I figured out how to combine two of these mini collections: Mason jars and old small candles. A leftover bag of copper-colored stone chips poured into each jar, a candle plopped in, and boom, table centerpiece.
Less than 10 minutes start to finish, and now I have something that's taking up less space then when all the ingredients were apart collecting dust, and pretty to boot. Most of the jars are from Classico pasta sauces who package in real Atlas mason jars and whose labels are blessedly easy to remove. I was thinking it would also be cute to use sand in place of the rock chips I used, either bought at a craft store or saved from a happy beach vacation. Pretty!

P.S. How sad is it that the weather is still so un-summery here that I took the last photo at around 4:30pm and just turned the lights off in the kitchen to get it so dark?! BOO. Ready for some nice weather.

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