Random Round-Up: Birthday Week Kickoff

Still feel like I'm finding my way out of the never-want-the-weekend-to-end haze, but take a peek at my pre-Birthday kick-off celebration (of which I totally failed to get any pictures of the actual party and instead took snaps before and after... doh! Ah well.):
Prep for lemon-strawberry-basil infused water
A lil' festive decor
S'mores bites - Thank you Pinterest. My new go-to.
2003 Dom Perignon - I'm so spoiled (thank you Adam!!)
Mom's creativity: 30 Golden Gifts (for my golden birthday)
Sunday Morning Recovery
This week is going to be a shorty as Nate and I are taking Friday off to go see the King Tut exhibit (a bucket list tick for me - SO EXCITED I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU), and then an uber-fancy dress-up dinner together on Saturday, which is both my actual birthday and the anniversary of our engagement.

Let the festivities continue!

P.S. If you happen to check out the S'mores Bites recipe I linked to, full disclosure: I totally cheated and made it as easy as possible, meaning I melted milk chocolate chips, dunked a marshmallow on a toothpick into it while still in the pot, and set it on a cookie sheet I covered with crushed graham crackers. Done and delicious.

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