While scrubbing my computer desktop of unnecessary files, I ran across a  harried to-do list I made for the week prior to moving into our house. The frenzy of it simultaneously cracked me up (you can practically picture me tearing my hair out and mainlining caffeine) and made my jaw drop in awe of all the hard work we accomplished before we set up permanent camp in our new digs. Take a peek:

This week:
-Pick up carpet board @house
-Remove walk-in closet doors/base
-Tear out carpet/pad from walk-in closet
-Sweep/vaccuum closet
-Go to Home Depot
      *foam rollers/laminate glue/buckets(?)

-Seal upstairs floors and staircase
-Ashley: Pack & Load

-Pick up countertop from Lowe's
-Unload bins
-Remove kitchen sink
-Finish sanding kitchen counters

-Install countertops

-Look into renting U-Haul

-Pick up U-Haul

-Try not to die of exhaustion.   
...I think we checked every one of those guys off the list on time, and I'm happy to say we definitely accomplished what was on the list for Sunday, although just barely, as I recall. Fun to look back on that crazy time in our lives!

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