Photo Finish[ed]... For Now.

Ever a work in progress, our family room wall-o-photos has been getting some additions lately. Back in February, it looked like this:
And now, with the additions of a few bits and bobs (and new furniture), it looks like this:
With the high ceilings, our fluffy chair looks dwarfed, but it gives you an idea of how big a space this vast span of once-blank wall really is.

I still hope to get some of the smaller goods (the J and wood block signs) sitting on top of a couple of frames fitted with picture hangers and up onto the wall, but for now they're alright where they've landed. And although the Instagram photo above doesn't show it clearly, the ribbon holding the horseshoe and the curvy J are both a saturated teal, which, come mid July, will match a new area rug from Urban Outfitters (currently backordered, boo!) . Very exciting since we loathe our "white" carpet and have to save a bit to put in our dream floor.
P.S. That leaning 'J' in the upper left corner look familiar? It's our cake topper I made, minus the stakes to hold it into the cake. Another wedding leftover woven into the fabric of our home decor!

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