Tasty Tidbits

In what's getting to be a frequent feature on this blog, how about a few random tidbits from around the house?

Right before Memorial Day weekend Nate and his dad went to Costco unsupervised... which always yields a fun-yet-expensive result. This time: Our very own Traeger.
Part grill, part smoker, Nate's parents have been using the large size for nearly a year with mouth watering results. We even had smoked turkey for Thanksgiving at their house this year thanks to a cleverly engineered wind screen to keep the temp up inside the grill.

So, now here we are with our "medium" size, and have already joined up in the crazy "what-can-we-smoke-next" mentality of seemingly everyone who owns one of these things.
Nate unpacking the Traeger/Taking over our kitchen
Next up in the random-ness: Home decor. My all-time favorite home/lifestyle blog, Young House Love, has taught me over the years to not be afraid of allowing things to migrate from room to room around the house. Changing things up like that offers a totally fresh take on both the item and the room, and if it's already something you own: The price is right.

Case in point, the shelf above our creamy jacquard couch in the formal living room. Remember when it looked like this?
Well it's gone through several changes since, but I think this one will stick for a while:
One of my best friends Rebecca took that picture of tree tops in our home town, and for a girl who spent a lot of childhood time lying in fields and forests daydreaming up at the sky, I just love it.

P.S. For those who've asked, the 7 is a Michael's discount shelf find (roughly $4) and stands for the date we were married. the bud vase is an antique from my grandmother who grew up in China, and those brown squares are just thrifted frames with no glass or photo inside. Easy!

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